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The U.S. – China College Art Summit is dedicated to the advancement of global art education by promoting the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences of leading art educators from the U.S. and China through equal dialogues, group exhibitions, and professional development programs.

The Summit brings scholars, artists, designers, craftsperson, business professionals, and policy-makers from China and from the U.S. together to share the best practice in art education program design, research, community development, and social impact;  It also provides a platform for collaborations and partnerships among participants. The Summit broadens the horizon of the students and provides them great opportunities to work on international cultural projects through internships, and volunteer opportunities.


The first and second U.S. – China College Art Summit were sponsored by the Penn State University Libraries, Penn State School of Visual Arts, and China Arts Link.

The Penn State School of Visual Arts (SoVA)offers degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in three areas of study, including Studio Art, Art Education, and Interdisciplinary Digital Studio. Their nationally and internationally recognized faculty are dedicated to the learning, research, and educational imagination that takes place in the studios and classrooms at SoVA.

The U.S. – China College Art Summit is organized and sponsored by China Arts Link, a 501-c-3 non-profit organization based in New York. The mission of China Arts link is to facilitate cultural exchange, deepen mutual understanding, and knowledge sharing in arts, innovation, and social change through conference, residency, exhibitions, and education programs.










Past Summits
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