To facilitate cultural exchange, deepen mutual understanding, and knowledge sharing in arts, innovation, and social change through conference, residency, exhibitions, and education programs.

Xinxin Guo - President 

Ed Dadey - Treasure

Adam Short - Secretary

Xuewu Zheng - Artist in Residency and Art Exhibition

Dr.Xiaobo Teng - China University Relations

Zhen Jin - China Marketing and Business Development

Advisory Board

Dr. KAREN TREAT KEIFER-BOYD, Professor, Penn State School of Visual Arts, U.S.A.

Dr.Gayle Marie Weitz - Owner, ArtRageUs1, United States

Dr. Fuye Zhang - Professor, Tsinghua University, China

Dr.Limin Song, Dean, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, China

Yi Chen, Secretary, Department of Public Education, National Museum, China

Xiangling Wang, Editor, People's Daily, China


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