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Yifei Chen




2009年  陶艺作品《利器》入选11届全国美展

2010年  《隆冬》作品获陶瓷艺术设计创新评比优秀奖

2011年  陶艺作品《远足》获得争艳杯银奖

2013年  珠光青瓷《双鱼刻划花碗》 获中国陶瓷馆收藏

2014年  《美术陶-江山万里罐》获创新产品大奖赛铜奖

2015年  《异质黑饰土浮雕在漳州窑米黄色釉上的应用》获得龙海市科技进步二等奖

2016年  获得十几项陶瓷设计作品实用新型与外观专利 

Chen Yifei,born in 1965, he was enrolled in Fujian Normal University in 1981. After graduation, he taught at Academy of Fine Arts in Xiamen technology of Fuzhou University. Founder of ceramic art company, engaged in the design and production of ceramic art, pottery works selected for the national exhibition in the show and has won numerous awards, devoted to the study of the southern region of ancient ceramic varieties, is the Fujian province intangible cultural heritage "Ting Xi Kiln Pearl Light Celadon" the second generation of successors


Prize winning excerpt

2009, "weapon" pottery works selected for the 11st National Art Exhibition

2010, pottery work "The long winter" won the excellent award for the innovation of the ceramic art design

2011, Pottery work "hiking" won the silver medal contest

  1. Pearl light celadon "Pisces scored flower bowl" won the China Ceramic Museum collection

2014 "art pottery pot-Jiangshan miles" won innovation products Grand Prix bronze

2015 "Heterolithic black clay in Zhangzhou kiln yellow glaze application" won the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Longhai City

  • Access to a dozen ceramic design works utility model and appearance of the patent


Large pot with roll grass pattern

(Pearl light celadon)


Gourd bottle

(Pearl light celadon)

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