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Shufeng Kuang


1994-1998年  毕业于清华大学美术学院(原中央工艺美术学院),获学士学位。

2010-2013年  毕业于中央美术学院壁画系第二工作室,获硕士学位。








2017年     48届加州水彩画协会年展                加州圣拉斐尔

2014年      全国第二届工笔大展“精致立场”         中国美术馆

2013年      “温故 知新”况枢锋绘画展             798艺术区第零空间

2013年       中央美院研究生毕业展                 中央美院美术馆

2008年      “之间”联展                          北京嫘苑画廊

2008年      当代雕塑联展                          北京展览馆

2008年      第二届北京大山子798国际艺术节

2007年     “锋会”二人联展                       北京一号地艺术区

2007年     “行走的云”联展                       北京嫘苑艺术区

2006年     “Installation Mode”中外艺术家联展    北京纽约艺术空间

2006年      嫘苑艺术区开放展

2005年      北京索家村国际艺术营联展

1997年     国际艺术院校优秀素描作品交流展(日本)。      

1996年     建校四十周年艺术大展(中国美术馆)





1970, Born in Qingdao, China

1994-1998  Graduate from the Art Academy of Tsinghua University (the Central Academy of Art and Design),Beijing China .  Bachelor of Fine Arts degree

2010-2013   Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts .   Master of Fine Arts degree

Member of Beijing arts and crafts society

Member of the Hong Kong sculptor association

Member of The California Watercolor Association

Member of the American Watercolor Society.



Painting is the work I have been doing and loving, and many works have been customized and collected. in the meantime, I have also been invited to draw many large Chinese traditional religious murals for many religious sites, such as the temples of WutaiMountain in China, Shanxi Heshun, Wuxi Llingshan, etc. and created many historical theme sculptures and mural paintings, and these public art projects have been completed for some memorials and important venues.

I also took part in some of the exhibitions I was interested in. such as:


2017  The California Watercolor Association 48th National Exhibition (San Rafae)

2014   The Second National Gongbi Exhibition "Exquisite Position" (China art museum)

2013   Graduate work exhibition of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA Art Museum)etc.

2007  "FengTogether" two people joint exhibition (Beijing 1 Art District)

2007  "walking cloud" joint exhibition   (Beijing Leiyuan art district)

2006  "Installation Mode" Chinese and foreign artists exhibition (Beijing New York art space)

1997   International art college excellent sketch works exhibition (Japan)

1996   Art exhibition of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the university (China art museum)




在这系列作品里,我选择相对具象写实的手法来呈现这种感受,一笔一笔的描摹这种岁月留下的痕迹,在手绘的过程中 体会那些不轻不重的存在。



About my works

Times change, years go by. An old book, an old journal, and things that once carried the emotions and will of people, exist in a time that is still in or out of circulation.

In this series, I choose relatively representational realism to appear this kind of feeling,and The traces of the years have been traced by a brushstroke. In the process of hand painting, experience the existence of those who are not light not weight.

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