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Ming Zhang

Zhang Ming, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher in Tsinghua University, engaged in the research of applied art history and modern design history. Junior Curator in Tsinghua University Art Museum. Editor & staff writer of the leading journals in China for arts and design ZHUANGSHI (sponsored by Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University). Publications in recent ten years:over 80 papers /articles for professional magazines and 1 translated book.





The Achievements of Chinese Female Designers in China Today




张明 博士


The speaker will outline the achievements and career status of Chinese female designers in China today through a series of cases, analyze the reasons behind the phenomenon and look forward to the future.

In recent years, China's design has grown rapidly along with its national strength and economic development, and has gradually shifted from learning to thinking and creating. The growth of contemporary Chinese designers is not only benefited by such environment, but also fully participated in the advancement of Chinese design. From the perspective of feminism, women are often absent from the classic art history and design history. Although the history of contemporary Chinese design is brief, it is regrettable that such phenomenon still exits.

In fact, in the Chinese contemporary design, female designers have outstanding achievements, they made a unique contribution in environmental art design, industrial design, product design, costume design, information design, design service platform, and so on. This article selects some typical cases to discuss Chinese contemporary female designer's achievements, not only to present their outstanding design works, but also think about their uniqueness and the role and status in the whole Chinese design industry.

In the process of research, there is an unavoidable phenomenon that male designers are far more concerned than female designers. The causes are multifaceted, and some are complicated. But some of the social activities that already exist may show some hope.





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