Poster 招贴

Opening reception

Welcome Chinese artists! 欢迎中国艺术家的到来!

Opening Reception 展览开幕

Special Thanks to ​Dr. Gayle Marie Weitz, who connected China Arts Link and Penn State. 特别感谢 ​Gayle Marie Weitz 博士把宾州州立和中美艺术交流协会连接在一起。

Artists 艺术家

Dr. Graeme Sullivan

Dr. Graeme Sullivan 宾州州立视觉艺术学院院长 Graeme Sullivan 博士致辞

Xinxin Guo

Xinxin Guo, China Arts Link 中美艺术交流协会总监郭欣欣致辞。

Thank you letters to Volunteers

Dr. Graeme Sullivan gave Thank you Letters to the Volunteers! Thank you! Yang Deng 邓暘 Min Gu 谷敏 Arianna Deng 邓薇哲 Xiran Liu 刘翕然


Artists with their certificates of participation. 参展艺术家持证书与组委会成员合影

Xuewu Zheng's Installation

Xuewu Zheng's Installation 郑学武-“世纪文本”

Mingyang Xie

Dr. Mingyang Xie 谢明洋博士及所带研究生汪艺泽、​颜碧慧 -中国传统园林研究

Shufeng Kuang

Shufeng Kuang 况枢锋 - “北京日记”

Before the Exhibition


Before the exhibition

East to West

             —The 1st US-China College Art Summit and Exhibition


Chinese art has a wide range of forms and a long history. Classified art forms, such as the painted pottery art in the original era, have more than seven thousand years of history. Even the ink wash painting, which was formed later than many disciplines, has been an independent category for more than two thousand and five hundred years. Today, western genre and concepts continue to blend in and take roots in the Chinese art and art education, and many traditional Chinese art philosophies are also rejuvenating. Eastern and Western styles add radiance to each other. A diverse art landscape has been formed.


The development of art has never been isolated. Since the twentieth century, as the oldest and unique culture in Asia, Chinese art has continuously participated in the growth of the world art scene. Chinese artists have held dialogues with artists in different countries through the forms of exhibitions, forums, educational programs, etc. Chinese art shows a mature and self-confident charm as oriental art.


The School of Visual Art and the Department of East Asia Studies at the Pennsylvania State University have partnered with the China Arts Link to send a sincere invitation to scholars and artists engaged in higher arts education in Chinese universities to participate the first US-China College Art Summit. Artists and scholars from both China and the United States will conduct in-depth discussions on art and art education in the 21st century. In the same time, artworks from China and the United States will be exhibited at the Edwin W. Zoller Gallery at the School of Visual Art at the Pennsylvania State University, providing an intuitive visual dialogue among viewers.


The summit's artists and scholars will focus on but not limited to the following topics: the reshaping of artistic styles in different contexts, the social impact of higher art education, the feminism in art, the blending and symbiosis of art, the backtracking of the cultural heritage and its impact, etc. The summit aims to provide a wide platform to broaden and tap the influence of different art genres in China and the United States in the contemporary art context.


The first US-China College Art Summit and exhibition will be a bridge for American and Chinese scholars and artists to exchange ideas; for institutions to build further collaborations; for citizens of the U.S. and China to form a deeper understanding. I further hope that the showcase of the new art of ancient China will be a fresh air, across the Pacific Ocean, disseminate and make an academic and social impact.


                           Curator:Dr. Jian Zhang

Director and Associate Professor

Department of Art History

Fuzhou University, School of Art and Design










                            策展人:张健 副教授



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Artists with their certificates of participation. 参展艺术家持证书与组委会成员合影